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These are the films of the 2017
Naperville Independent Film Festival


Films will be shown in groups in two different seatings per evening. Each film was reviewed by our five jurors and determined to be of good quality and interesting subject matter. We encourage you to read the selections and choose which films you'd like to see.


6:00pm SEATING

The Midnighters

Narrative Feature

87 minutes

An aging safe-cracker recently released from prison is asked to put his old skills to use and risk his freedom to save his son's life.

Julian Fort, Director. Julian Fort, Writer. Adam Carl, Julian Fort, Producers. Leon Russom, Gregory Sims, John Wesley, Stuart McClean, Costa Ronin, and Eve Mauro, key cast.

Nominated for Best Actor (Leon Russom), Director

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8:15pm SEATING



4 minutes

Satan's boulder busting destruction is halted by a stubborn foe, testing his shape shifting abilities.

Patrick Smith, Filmmaker.

Nominated for Best Animation

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In A Dream

Narrative Short

17 minutes

Kate, a young office worker and aspiring pet portrait painter, is determined to find a mysterious man who keeps appearing in her dreams at night.  During her search, she goes through awful dates and mishaps - but the surprise ending provides revelations about the triumph of friendship, the benefits of adopting a pet, and the importance of following our dreams.

Edina Kishonthy, Director.

Nominated for Best Short, Director

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Waking David

Narrative Feature

89 minutes

During a lecture tour of England, Scarlett, an American psychologist decides to look up Amy, her half-sister and find out about her father who died 10 years earlier. She is surprised to encounter a family that won’t communicate with her or each other about the past. Just when Amy starts to open about their father, the family creates a wall of secrecy and lies surrounding his death. Scarlett delves further into the truth, but when the truth is finally revealed, it shatters the stability of the family, causing all of the family and Scarlett to reassess their relationship to one another. The film explores the dangers both of keeping secrets and digging them up.

Kevin Nash, Director. Kristy Bruce, Shane Bruce, Harriet Madeley, Kevin Nash, Writers. Marilena Parouti, Producer. Harriet Madeley, Key Cast.

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All Films Shown at Hollywood Palms Cinema

Come see our films in the luxurious seats and whimsically decorated theatres of Hollywood Palms (map, directions).
Enjoy a drink beforehand and full food service during the show in big, comfy recliners.
The festival films are shown in one of the main floor theatres. The ECU films are shown in the upstairs theatre.
An usher will direct you to the proper theatre for your choice of seating.


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