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These are the films of the 2017
Naperville Independent Film Festival


Films will be shown in groups in two different seatings per evening. Each film was reviewed by our five jurors and determined to be of good quality and interesting subject matter. We encourage you to read the selections and choose which films you'd like to see.


6:00pm SEATING


All short films this block


Narrative Short

10 minutes

In 1951 Violet and Milly make a love promise over a penny. In 2015, the promise comes due, and Violet must face a heartbreaking reality.

Dan Pal, Director. Kari Morris, Writer. Dan Pal, David Zak, Producers. Kenzie Seibert, Carolyn Reynolds, Joan McGrath, Key Cast.

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Killed In Action

Narrative Short

13 minutes

K.I.A. is a short film that takes place in 1948. A WWII widow is visited by a troubled veteran who served with her husband. He shares a dark secret he’s been keeping from the war... but can she come to accept it?

Christine Weatherup, Writer/Director. Beatriz Chahin, Matt Enlow, Producers. Rober Lam, Director of Photography.

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Dead Flowers

Narrative Short

15 minutes

An envious tortured son tries to win back the affection and attention of his memory-damaged mother, unable to remember the death of her other son, who represents everything the first one hates.

Pablo Riquelme, Stephen R. Scott, Directors. Stephen R. Scott, Víctor Mondéjar, Pablo Riquelme, Writers. Víctor Mondéjar, Pablo Riquelme, Stephen R. Scott, Producers. Anthony Nikolchev, Patricia Muirhead, Key Cast. Lucía Forner, Director of Photography. Jesús Díaz, Artistic Director. Hugo Navarrete, Editor. Adria Sempere, Sound Designer & Mixer. Alfredo Pino, Assistant Director.

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Selfie (S/T)

Narrative Short

7 minutes

A couple on holiday in Berlin. Everything is perfect, but then he wants to take a selfie... The ending of a relationship as seen through a mobile phone.

David M. Lorenz, filmmaker.

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Narrative Short

12 minutes

John’s wife is killed in a car accident. He is trying to hold his family together by the skin of his teeth in a society that does not appreciate single parents. He is a facet of each of us. Join us on a journey of love, loss, grief, and moving forward.

David Bradburn, Director. Sean Patrick Leonard, Writer. Kiea Houseton, David Bradburn, Sean Patrick Leonard, Producers. Sean Patrick Leonard, Anne Jacques, Mercedes Leonard, Jack Patrick Leonard, Samantha Jaloway, Key Cast.

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Saba, The Unspoiled Queen

Documentary Short

18 minutes

Saba: The Unspoiled Queen is a short documentary showcasing an island nation that should be looked upon by the rest of the world as a model of conservation excellence. The passion that the island’s residents have for their natural treasures and the lengths they go to protect the resources that support their livelihood is inspiring. Come along as we meet a few Sabans who will show us the incredible beauty that the island has to offer both above and below the waves.

Nick Zachar, Filmmaker

Nominated for Best Student Film, Documentary

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8:15pm SEATING

Dribbling Dreams

Narrative Short

7 minutes

The inspirational story of how children living in an Indian village overcome hardships by taking up a sport and how every individual has the power to change the world for the better.

Varun Tandon, Filmmaker.

Nominated for Best Documentary

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Black Cat

Narrative Feature

85 minutes

When a near-decade old murder case involving a movie star threatens to reopen, adult child Duke Moody decides to make a true crime documentary, financed by his mother.

Peter Pardini, Writer/Director. Grant Garry, Producer. John Honore, Director of Photography. Douglas Bennett, Grant Garry, Lydia Andrews, Katherine Muise, Jimmy Pardo, Matthew Figueira, David Ashley, Paul Jebian, Key Cast.

Nominated for Best Feature, Actor (Grant Garry)

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All Films Shown at Hollywood Palms Cinema

Come see our films in the luxurious seats and whimsically decorated theatres of Hollywood Palms (map, directions).
Enjoy a drink beforehand and full food service during the show in big, comfy recliners.
The festival films are shown in one of the main floor theatres. The ECU films are shown in the upstairs theatre.
An usher will direct you to the proper theatre for your choice of seating.


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