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Thank You for Your Interest in the Naperville Independent Film Festival!

The first Naperville Independent Film Festival was held in September of 2008. Actors Karen Black and Gary Sinise were among those in attendance, golden statuette awards were given out and the fest was enthusiastically received. So a second fest was planned for 2009 – and here we are today.

NIFF was founded in 2007 when just the right combination of people had a chance meeting that grew into a team united behind one goal:  To help independent filmmakers hone their craft.

Through the years, NIFF has presented films from all over the world and provided a showcase for the actors, directors, camera crews and production staff of independently-produced movies. The festival also gives film-goers the opportunity to see productions unavailable anywhere else and sometimes the first glimpse of future industry success stories!

We hope you will attend some – or all! – of shows during the fest. You’ll have the chance to meet some of the filmmakers and talk with other film aficionados. You’re welcome at our Opening Night and Awards Ceremonies as well. While you may not ever attend the Academy Awards, you can still experience a bit of the glamour and excitement here with NIFF! Consider also joining our volunteer staff and help us make next year’s event ever better.