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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the Naperville Independent Film Festial.


Can I submit a film?

Yes, in November for the following year's festival. 


What are the dates of this year's festival?

The 2016 festival is 2 weeks long - new this year! September 10 - 17 at the Hollywood Palms Cinema, and September 18 - 23 in Smith Hall at Old Main of North Central College.


Where is the festival located?

From September 10 - 17 you'll find us at the Hollywood Palms Cinema (google map), and September 18 - 23 in Smith Hall at Old Main of North Central College (google map).


Can I buy tickets at the door?

Yes! Films are shown in groups from 1 to 5 depending on length to fit the seating times. $9 at Hollywood Palms. $5 at North Central College.


Can I buy tickets online?

Yes for Hollywood Palms, not for North Central College.

Films are shown in groups from 1 to 3 at Hollywood Palms depending on length to fit the seating times. The ticket is named after the last film of the seating, but it includes all the films of the seating. See the list of films on our Festival Schedule or check out our Calendar View, click on the seating you'd like to attend to find a link for tickets. 


Why are the ticket costs different or so much?

Hey, we'd show them for free if more people would donate enough money but things cost you know! Thanks to our great sponsors for keeping the price so low! 


I just want to see a 10 minute short and then leave. Can I get a discount?

Afraid not. Tickets are charged per seating and there are no refunds. Stay for them all; you might be surprised how much you like the films!


Hollywood Palms is a dinner theatre. Do I have to buy a meal to see a movie?

Of course not. Hollywood Palms requests you buy one item. That can be popcorn or a softdrink or one of their very tasty meals. One of our favorites: The Chevy Cheeseburger!

IF you plan to leave early, please make sure you get your check for your food/drink item and pay your server!!


How do you choose what to show? (ie, Why would you possibly show THAT movie?)

Good question! Films are judged on their artistic and technical merits. The film's subject matter is not judged (within the bounds of good taste which we realize is highly subjective but we do our best). We have found that films stimulate discussion and open minds to new ideas. We encourage you to watch the films, discuss with fellow viewers and draw your own conclusions. If you do not wish to continue watching a film, please leave in an orderly and quiet manner so as to not disturb fellow viewers.


My question is not listed here. What do I do?

At the bottom of our home page we have a little feedback form. Fill it out and submit it and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.








Here are links to important info on this site:

Festival Schedule

Here's a list of each seating, along with what films are shown during that seating.


Calendar View

See a classic calendar grid. Hover over each entry, and you'll see which films are being shown at that seating.