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Published on Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Thursday @NCC - German Language Night

Ihr Sohn + Am Strand + Zerbrechlich + Die Ballade Von Ella Plummhoff + Betonfrass

Event date: 9/22/2016 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Export event

Ihr Sohn (Her Son) - S/T

By Florian Plumeyer (Germany)

Narr Short Rated PG, 22 minutes

When faced with his mother's terminal illness, a son takes care of his mother during her final days.

Am Strand (At the Beach) - S/T

By Nele Mueller-Stofen (Germany)

Narr Short Rated PG, 19 minutes

Laura and Clemens spend their holidays at the sea in Northern Germany. Laura is bored and invents a game: She pretends to be blind. Over the course of a few days the couple gets entangled in their lie, revealing the emptiness of their relationship.

Fragil (Zerbrechlich) - S/T

By Rebecca Panian (Germany)

Narr Short Rated PG, 25 minutes

A woman begins her evening on a blind date with a man, a policeman, which turns into an emotional night of self-discovery and self-imposed risky behavior.

Die Ballade Von Ella Plummhoff (The Ballad of …..) (S/T)

By Tilo Hauke

Narr Short Rated PG, 29 minutes

The spring awakening of 14-year-old Ella Plummhoff, which includes a crush on her ballet teacher, and discovery of an unexpected new friend.

Betonfrass (Concrete Cancer) - S/T

By Karsten Kranzusch

Narr Short Rated PG, 27 minutes

A story of young men: FUCHSER is beaten by his father; JOJO has survived a stabbing. Their friend BALLA is terminally ill - and he asks his friends one last act of friendship. A coming-of-age story in fast, sharp contrasts.

Sorry, the ECU trailers have not been loaded. Google the film name and director and you'll probably find them.


$5 at the door gets you a seat for all the films shown this evening. Cash only please.

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