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Naperville Independent Film Festival News

Don't Miss Out!
Kate Gingold Host / Friday, September 22, 2017 / Categories: NEWS

Don't Miss Out!

Watch the trailers and read the summaries to pick which films you can't wait to see!

It happens every year at the Naperville Independent Film Festival. Just before the award winner is announced, clips from each of the nominees are shown and a murmur goes around the theater:  "Oh, I wish I had seen that one!" 

Don't let that happen again this year!

Watch the film clips, read the summaries and plan NOW which films you want to watch during this year's festival so you aren't kicking yourself later. Printed schedules are available at Hollywood Palms Cinema​ or go straight to the fest website​ to see the trailers.  

This week-long festival begins Saturday, September 23 with several excellent films and will also feature a brief look-back at the first ten years of NIFF. Films are shown in two seatings ​every evening for seven nights and the gala awards ceremony is held on Saturday, September 30. The public is invited to share in the excitement of seeing if their favorite film is a winner. 

For all the details, see the NIFF website​ or reserve your seat in the theater at Hollywood Palms Cinema​.

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